Academically, my work is generally located at the intersection between evolutionary psychology and consumer neuroscience. The goods we desire, purchase and consume are products of our evolved minds and I am fascinated by the ways in which the environment of our ancestors still shapes the way we respond to objects such as cars, movies, clothing, pornography and even the humble cheesecake.

There are two distinct streams to my work. The first investigates how consumers respond – psychologically and physiologically – to the shopping environment and the ways in which those largely unconscious responses are shaped by the brain’s evolutionary heritage. There are three key elements at work here: the motivations which bring us to the shopping environment and make us amenable to a product in the first place; the emotional responses we experience, good or bad, that prime us to approach or avoid the product when we encounter it; and the largely unconscious heuristics and biases that finally ‘nudge’ us to choose one brand of that product rather than another.  Much of my work at present involves helping brands uncover that three-part code – motivation, emotion and decision – that lies at the heart of shopper marketing success.

The second and more controversial stream focuses on aberrant psychology, the so-called ‘dark side’ of consumer behaviour, exploring the origins of a range of potentially problematic consumption phenomena, such as counterfeiting, compulsive buying, shoplifting, and participation in deviant leisure activities. A recurrent theme throughout both streams of work, however, has been the specific issue of psychological sex differences and the biological bases of female and male consumer choice variations.

My approach to research is broadly a motivational one, albeit with a novel twist.  I combine traditional focus groups, touchpoint mapping and accompanied shopping with experimental work, media analyses and the latest ‘neuromarketing’ techniques. Brands which truly understand the evolutionary heritage of the objects we desire can gain a significant advantage over competitors and, from eye-tracking and EEG measures to projective testing and early-memory elicitation techniques, I’ve developed a behavioural science toolkit to help uncover the deep-rooted drivers underpinning consumer choice.

I work with a number of leading brands, applying this blend of methodologies in a targeted way and measuring purchase outcomes – do get in touch if you are interested in broadening that collaboration further or, alternatively, you have a ‘darker’ consumption practice you wish to explore further.  Consider that my ‘soft sell’, consultancy wise!

Selected Papers

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers & Keynote Presentations

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